Timberwolves 2019-2020 What to Expect

Towns and the boys are ready to play

Going into their 29th season the Timberwolves must be feeling optimistic. Hey, why wouldn’t they? They have one of the best big men in the League in Karl-Anthony Towns.

His future is as bright as any young superstar in the League. An automatic double-double guy.

At just 23 years old, I’m not sure he’s in his prime just yet. Now, last year he exhibits signs of improvement on the defensive side of things.

l like this trend continuing for Towns.

We should expect his placement on one of the NBA All-Defensive team honors by the end of this season. That would constitute a major improvement from his earlier years.

The Wolves will go as far as Towns broad shoulders can carry them. In a game last Season  former MVP Russell Westbrook talked smack at him, indicating that the Wolves Superstar is really not a Superstar supposedly because he hasn’t led the Wolves to the playoffs as the leading Man (though they made it in 2017-18 season but was led by Jimmy Butler)

Does the rest of the League think that way of the Wolves Star? Well, this is the year Towns needs to start answering those questions.

It won’t be as easy as a walk in the park because the West is stock with contending teams. Just getting the 8th seed would likely require 50 wins. Check this out, Last year the 8th and 7th seed each had 48th wins! Every win is a premium in the West.

Towns have to become a two-way force if the Wolves are to hook onto one of those last seeds.

Every last season playoff teams got better by adding Players in the off Season or getting back injured players except for the Oklahoma Thunders, OKC lost both of their Superstars in Paul George and Westbrook.

No one expects anything from them. Every other playoff team from last year is expected to join the party again this season so the Battle of the 8th spot will be won likely in the last 2 weeks of the season.

K-Town has started the season with 30pts+- 10rbs+ games in the first two games to start the season, the last player to do that for the Wolves was KG more than a decade ago.

Winning a tough opener in Brooklyn, in which the Wolves showed great chemistry to pull out a win in a game where Kyrie Irving drop 50pts! Towns were just as amazing as the big man connected on 7 threes.

Two of which came in critical times of the games. After demolishing the Charlotte Hornets, Town said he didn’t think he played well because of a couple of missed defensive assignments.

He was 2 assists away from a triple-double. Never be satisfied just Towns wants to win!

Now for every Batman, there is a need for a Robin? Who would step up to play that role for the Wolves? Perhaps the 150milion man, Andrew Wiggins? There is no doubt that this is K-Towns team but Wiggins has to step up and be the Pippen to Towns Jordan.

In a League where every contender has two Superstars, everyone will be eyeing the improvement of Wiggins in the offseason.

The guy just has to start earning that huge salary of his. The talent is there, but we might have to have Elon Musk upgrade his Motor.

At just 24yrs he’s just entering his prime. Perhaps adding a little more muscle might help him as he drives to the paint.

In the first two games, Wiggins is shooting just 37%. Now we can’t get carried away it still a young season. Wiggins is a 47.3% career shooter which is certainly above average.

That’s why the coaches are pushing him to be aggressive and to stay engaged every moment he’s on the floor.

Look for big things from Wiggins this season if not watch for him to be on the trading block at the tread deadline.

Entering his sophomore year and vowing to prove that he won’t be a casualty of the Sophomore slump that plagues many promising young prospects, Josh Okogie is on a mission to be the best two-way player in the League.

Hey, dream do come true right? That should be good news for your Timberwolves Franchise but terrifying news for the rest of the League.

With a 43in vert and a number of posturized already under his belt when the 6-4 Nigerian drive the open lane defenders’ knowns what comes next is a spot on Sports Center top Ten.

We will be looking for him to eat into Wiggins’s playing time. As of yet, Rookie Jarret Culver is not yet ready to play a lot of minutes but watch for him to start seeing meaningful time after the All-star break.

Their record at the all-star break would really determine who gets more playing time, but that won’t be an issue to worry about your young Wolves are certain to make the playoffs right?

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