2019-2020 NBA Season: What To Expect

Zion goes for a dunk

In Zion we trust. The long wait is over. The NBA stage is now Zion Williamson’s backyard. Superman’s body double will be flying to action trying to save the dying franchise named New Orleans Pelicans. But with an injury that would keep him out 6-8 weeks that was sustained in practice, when will our hero actually bask in the spotlight?

 It’s year two of the Mamba Kobe Bryant and Big-Ticket Kevin Garnett retirement and the NBA has never been more excited about its upcoming season.

Not with Actors like Rockets GM Daryl Morey tweeting up a storm, which might threaten the NBA expansion in China. Hey, there’s still Africa, right? 

  The NBA is the best league in North America, Actually around the world period.

Money talks and I think the Money would soon start talking bringing cool heads to the table on China.  Lebron James wasn’t wrong when he said Morey likely didn’t foresee what damage his little tweet might cause. Time would tell what the resolution would end up being because of all of this.

  Wasn’t it an interesting preseason? We got first looks at the major players in free agency who settle in their new dwellings. Would the move prove to be what they hope for…?

Or would the same old saying hold once again, “that the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence” Only Father’s time would bring us the result of that in short order. 

   But who would come out the East? One of the Favorite to come out of the East going into the regular season must be Philly.

New look 76ERS Ready to Win

With a Monster like Joel Embiid controlling the paint and fellow All-Stars Ben Simmons runny the show if it wasn’t for the “miracle on hardwood” buzzer-beating shot by Kawhi Leonard in game 7.

The Sixer might have been sporting new bling by now.

But with the exception of the Greek Freak Giannis Antetokounmpo and his Milwaukee Bucks, the East is really a two-team race. If you consider the Boston Celtic offseason changes with their top floor general Kyrie Irvin’s packing his basketball and going to play with Jay-z and Kevin Durant in Brooklyn. 

 The Celtics are going to look and play differently.

While the addition of Kemba Walker who star shine the brightest the bigger the stage, Will severely minimize the subtraction of Irving, we don’t know what we are going to get from Jason Tatum. He’s a stud yes, but is he going play like one. Say to Kemba this is my team fall in line. You see, there are too many questions surrendering the Celtics to really see them winning the East. 

  For years when you think about the Eastern conference the first player pops to mind was LeBron James. King of the East! With his unprecedented run of 8 straight eastern conference championship History will only be the one to put that in the right perspective. His dominance of the East is now complete but a new Leader is emerging and he might be just as scary. Giannis Antetokounmpo Last season he took home his first MVP,

now tough will his dominance of the East take another step forward with an eastern conference championship?

Well, he would have to go through the best Center in the League the Sixers’ Embiid. Can’t wait for that battle. Likely Milwaukee pulls through. 

Last year Antetokounmpo took home MVP honors would this be the year he takes home Finals MVP?

And the Greek Freak completes his conquest as the premier player in the East.

  Now as for the West. where shall we begin? It’s a four-team race. Golden state though looking really different from the last 3 years …

they still have their four pillars. In superstar the “Chef” himself Steph curry, defensive ace Draymond Green, All world sharpshooter Klay Thompson and the “Brian” himself coach Steve Kerr.

 Though Thompson likely won’t be back this season I expect the warriors to be seeded no lower than 6th seed.

Let’s face it DeAngelo Russell is no Kevin Durant but he is an all-star caliber player. A very capable player he would be just what the Warriors need.   I think we are going to see playoff Green in the regular season. The warriors would be just fine. 

  But what about the true contenders.

You have your Houston Rockets; the dual LA teams the Lakers and Calipers. This is a three-team race. But who has the best chance to come out of the East? Houston? Maybe but there are concerns. 

Can Russell Westbrook regain his shooting form? 

By Dane Delgado NBC Sport

He has been struggling shooting the ball in a league that puts a premium on shooting. Hey, remember hall of fame Jayson Kidd was a terrible shooter until he played with Dirk Nowitzki and learn how to shoot at the till the end of his playing years.

I’m just saying Westbrook can learn to shoot but he would have to improve as the season goes because he just won’t fit on this team if he can’t be average at shooting.

The preseason shows the beard James Harden is going for another MVP season.

With his new one leg three-point shot, but this offensive genius must focus on his defense. 

Harden would have to become a premier two-way force. He has to be a two-way superstar for Houston to have any shot of coming out of the East.  Harden can be a defensive ace if so desire.

Look back at his first couple of years in the league. He was OKC top defensive player, more so than Kevin Durant.

Harden would have to go back in time and channel that defensive spirit if his Rockets are to reach new heights. Lots of major questions I don’t think this is their year. 

    Another team with major questions but is in a better position with 2 top ten players is your Lakers.

Could this be the return of the Showtime Lakers? This is going to much watch TV. Alley-hoops galore.

They have to be the favorite right. Not so fast there are some concerns about their depth.  And perimeter defense. That was one part of their problems last year and it could be so again this year.

Anthony Davis wants to be DPOY. Here is his chance to prove it. Can he? well I think 2K short change him on his 2K ratings, I’m not about to make that mistake. AD DPOY for the 2019-2020 season.

You heard it here first! This guy is a beast, and now you put him on the floor with a LeBron James, just you watch he’s my dark horse for MVP too. speaking about King James again. What a guy.

Would this be the years we see a drastic slowdown in his play? Don’t bet on it.  Here to his fifth and final MVP.  Barring injury, we are going to see prime LeBron something like Magic zipping around passes.

A rejuvenated LeBron is a scary thought.  I got chills just thinking about it. This season is going to be fun. 

    But with that said, my pick to win it all has to be the LA Clippers.

They have the best perimeters defense and today’s game is won on the perimeter. They are deep, with great depth.  I think PG13 Paul George and The Claw Kawhi Leonard will gel just fine.

Coach Doc River will get these guys running through walls for him. I know Patrick Beverly would.  If they denied Beverly from another NBA defensive all team selection this season, I’m going to write somebody a rude letter. This is a well-balanced team. 

 So here you have it. I have the Clippers winning it all.

Rookie of the year is Zion if he plays more than 60 games.

If plays under I see the honors going to RJ Barret. AD winning DPOY, while his teammate LeBron winning MVP honors.

6th men of the year have to go to Lou Williams again. Well, this is it, how do you plan to watch this season. Leave your thoughts at the bottom

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