Four Things That Could Make You Content with Your life

Do you feel unsettled, maybe unsatisfied with the direction of your life? Do you feel like you should be happy but just can’t stop the feeling of restless void? Well, rest assured you are not alone. According to Harris Poll Survey of Americans Happiness in 2017, only 1 in 3 Americans said they were happy. What gave? Why do you think so many people find contentment elusive?  Contentment is a state of happiness and satisfaction. But I believe it is a skill that must be learned. For example, generally speaking some people are naturally more patience than others but yet it’s a skill we all must work to develop well. So, too is learning to being content. It’s a skill that some people are better at, yet though we all can and must develop. Most people do not look at contentment that way, but they should. Do yourself the favor and look at contentment as a skill that you must learn. Much obstacles have been overcome when one sees life struggles as a skill that they can learn to overcome. Much reward you shall reap that way. Below we got listed 4 things that have been known to mankind to make them content. If you apply some or all of these things you will progress in your skills of learning to be content.


  1. First and foremost, satisfy your spiritual need.


Much research has shown that every human has a spiritual need. Hence, one reason why there are thousands of religions out there. Contentment will remain elusive unless this critical part of us is satisfied. Remember the saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day’ so please exercise patience with yourself.


How to satisfy your spiritual need? Well that could mean drawing close to God. Observing the lesson that is present in all of creation. Observing a sunset or perceiving the beauty in a sunrise. Reading the Bible each day has done wonders in keeping me focus and balance, perhaps you can attain comparable results.


2) Live life to the fullest


If you are living life to the fullest than you are actively living life rather than passively. The life we seek has to be achieved with actions. You can’t have a wandering eye though, because the grass is not always greener on the other side. Contentment means focusing on what makes you happy. Focusing on you, or your love one’s happiness, not trying to keep up with the so-called Joneses.


A famous author Gayle Forman once said ‘Dying is easy. Living is hard’ There never have been spoken a truer truth in the history of the world. Life is hard and full of obstacles. But you have the power to overcome them by focusing on one thing at a time and learning new skills can equip you to turn your problem into solutions.


3) Do what you love


When surveyed anonymously the Gallup poll find 85% of people hate their jobs. This is not just in the US but that’s a worldwide figure. Sad right? Do what you love to do in life. Sometimes we aren’t given a choice but when we are, always choose to do what you love doing. Life is short. Live life like it’s worth living. Of course, when our choice might hurt others, we may want to rethink things.


Challenge yourself: An 18-century poet once said “I am a human being and there’s nothing human that is foreign to me.” Yes, anything another human can do you are capable of doing too, naysayer be dame. ‘Do what you love doing and the money will come later.’ Listen to that sound counsel there’s some truth there.


4) Be willing to sacrifice:


Are you telling me if to be content with my life I’ll have to sacrifice something? You already know the answer. Yes, That’s a necessary evil. Do you remember the saying ‘no pain no game’? There’s truth to that statement. Because you need to sacrifice to achieve something. What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve the goal of contentment?


Now, it, could be your dream of being a pro basketball player, it could be your golf club, sexual desires. Work hours, etc. Only you can say what that sacrifice will look like. But you must be willing to make it. If not, contentment won’t be lasting.


All in all, can you live life with contentment? Yes, though it will take some efforts on your part. Everyone can learn the skill of being content, if we satisfy our spiritual need, live life to the fullest, do what we love, and be willing to sacrifice something to achieve contentment.